Juliet 2 Kannada Movie Download Kuttymovies 720p, 480p,1080p Review

Juliet 2 Kannada Movie Download Kuttymovies 720p, 480p,1080p: It is a recent Kannada action thriller movie, Download it Here

Juliet 2 Kannada Movie Download Kuttymovies 720p, 480p,1080p: It is a recent Kannada action thriller movie directed by Virat Gowda and produced by Likth R Kotian starring Brinda Acharya and Anoop Sagar in the lead roles in the movie.

The movie will be the first movie of Brinda Acharya and Anoop Sagar from the year 2023. This is the second movie of Brinda Acharya of her career and she was last seen acting in the movie Premam Poojyam which was written and directed by Raghavendra Bakki Sannegowda and co-starred Aindrita Ray and Prem Kumar along with Brinda.

Keeping all this aside, let’s discuss how to download Juliet 2 Kannada Movie for free.

Juliet 2 Kannada Movie Download Kuttymovies 720p, 480p,1080p
Juliet 2 Kannada Movie Download Kuttymovies 720p, 480p,1080p

Juliet 2 Kannada Movie Download Kuttymovies 720p, 480p,1080p

Hello FilmyGuru readers, in this particular article we’re going to give all the information about how Juliet 2 Kannada Movie Download Kuttymovies and Juliet 2 Full Movie Download Kuttymovies.

Guys let me tell you that as soon as the Juliet 2: Behind The Dark Door movie was released people started searching for “Juliet 2 movie download Filmyzilla” and “Juliet 2 movie download Filmywap”.

So if you’re also looking for Juliet 2 movie download Masstamilian or Juliet 2 2023 movie download then you must read this article to till end as this article is all about information containing about Juliet 2 movie download Moviesda and Juliet 2 movie download Tamilrockers.

Juliet 2 Movie Storyline/Plot

The storyline of Juliet 2 movie revolves around Juliet who is a very strong and self-sufficient woman who holds a deep affection for her father.

Her unwavering dedication to fulfilling her father’s dreams is unwavering. On One fateful night, she witnesses a harrowing event that resurfaces the long-buried traumas from her past.

As she becomes embroiled in a series of retaliatory assaults, Juliet must confront the dark and violent underbelly of her world. Will she have the strength to triumph over the brutal forces lurking behind closed doors? This is the plotline of the recently released movie “Juliet 2”, which was released on February 24th, 2023.

Juliet 2 Movie Cast

The cast of Juliet 2 movie features a very talented cast which features Brinda Acharya portrays the character of Juliet, a strong and independent woman with a deep love for her father.

Anoop Sagar plays Jaara, while Srikanth Sriki takes on the role of Seena. Roy Badiger portrays the role of Onti, and Kush Acharya plays the role of Vakra.

Ravi Kalabrahma portrays the character of Ramu and Radhesh Shenoy portrays the role of Champa.

Juliet 2 Movie Details

Movie NameJuliet 2
Release Date24 February 2023
Official Streaming PartnerN/A
OTT Release DateN/A
GenreAction, Thriller, Drama
Budget10 Crore Rupees
CastBrinda Acharya, Anoop Sagar and Srikanth Sriki
ProducerLikith R Kotian
DirectorVirat B Gowda
Written ByVirat B Gowda
MusicSandeep R Ballal
Background ScoreSachin Basrur
IMDB RatingN/A
FilmyGuru Rating7/10
Runtime/Duration1 hour and 35 minutes or 95 minutes.
Production HouseVirat Motion Pictures, PL Productions
Distributed ByVirat Motion Pictures, PL Productions
CinematographyShento V Anto
FormatsMKV, MP4, HD, WEB-DL, Predvdrip, dvdrip, webrip,
Edited ByShabeer Sayyad
Download Size300MB, 800MB, 1GB, 1.2GB, 2.6GB, etc
Movie Quality480p, 720p, 1080p, 1440p, 2140p, Full HD, HD, 4k, etc

Juliet 2 Movie Crew

Juliet 2 movie is directed by Virat B Gowda, who is also the writer of the script of the movie. The movie is produced by the renowned producer ‘Likith R Kotian’. Sanjay UV serves as the executive producer of the movie.

The movie’s music is composed by Sandeep R Ballal, with background music by Sachin Basrur, and additional music by Rajath Rao. The cinematography of the film is handled by Shento V Anto, who brings his unique vision and style to the movie’s visual storytelling.

The film editing is done by Shabeer Sayyad and the art direction of “Juliet 2” is handled by Rajesh Athavanadu. Sanjay UV is the production manager.

The movie’s action sequences are directed by Irfan Ameer, with Mass Madha serving as the stunt crew.

Juliet 2 Movie Soundtrack

Juliet 2 features an awesome soundtrack and songs which completely enhances the movie’s story and emotional impact. The music of for the movie is composed by Sandeep R Ballal and Rajath Rao, who bring their unique skills and vision to the movie’s score.

The first song of the movie is “Nenapelli Eega Mallika Matti,” which is a soulful and melodious track that captures the emotional depth of the movie’s characters. The song is a powerful showcase of the movie’s themes of love, loss, and redemption.

Another notable song in the movie is “Jagava Hadedha Magalu Ranjitha Yellur,” which is a catchy and upbeat track that infuses energy and excitement into the movie’s narrative. The song’s lively beats and energetic vocals make it a standout track in the movie’s soundtrack.

Juliet 2 Movie Trailer

Juliet 2 Movie Official Trailer

Here you can watch the official trailer of the Juliet 2 Movie, The teaser has great visual and action in it. The length of the teaser is 2 minutes and 10 seconds and is going to be released in the Kannada language.

The movie is impressive, we’ll rate it overall 7 stars out of 10.

In addition to the movie’s songs, “Juliet 2” also features four captivating theme music pieces.

Juliet 2 Production Details

The production and filming of the Juliet 2 movie took place in Mangalore which is a city in the Karnataka state of India, which is known for its picturesque landscapes and cultural heritage.

The filmmakers likely chose this location for its ability to enhance the movie’s themes and story. The shooting of the movie lasted for about three and a half months which is from September 1st to December 17th, 2021, indicating that the production was a considerable undertaking, requiring a substantial investment of time, resources, and effort.

Juliet 2 Movie Release Date

The release date of the Juliet movie is 24 February 2023.

Juliet 2 Movie Budget

The total budget for the Juliet 2 movie is 10 crore rupees from which 8 crore is for the production of the film rest 2 crore is for printing and advertising.

Juliet 2 Movie Box Office Collection

The Box office collection details of the Juliet 2 movie have not been disclosed yet, however, we’ll update it once we have got more information.

Day 124 February 202350 Lakh Rupees
Day 225 February 2023N/A
Day 326 February 2023N/A
Day 427 February 2023N/A
Day 528 February 2023N/A
Day 629 February 2023N/A

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So friends, if you’ve read the full article then you must be knowing that I’ve mentioned all the details about Juliet 2 movie and Juliet 2 movie Download Moviesda.

So if you were also searching for Juliet 2 movie download link then let me tell you that it’s illegal to watch movies for free, to watch Juliet 2 movie you should go to movie theatres and enjoy the movie, or you can wait for the movie to release on Disney+ Hotstar, so you can watch it on your mobile devices and laptops.

FAQs About Juliet 2 Movie

Juliet 2 Movie Release Date?

The Juliet 2 movie release date is 24 February 2023.

Juliet 2 Movie Cast?

The cast of the Juliet 2 movie features Brinda Acharya, Anoop Sagar, and Srikanth Sriki.

Juliet 2 Movie Language?

The Juliet 2 movie is going to be released in the Kannada language.

Juliet 2 Movie Director?

The director and writer of the Juliet 2 movie is Virat B Gowda.

Juliet 2 OTT Release Date?

The OTT release date of the Juliet 2 movie is not revealed yet by the filmmakers.

Juliet 2 OTT Platform?

The OTT platform of the Juliet 2 movie is not revealed yet by the filmmakers.


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