RRR Sequel Under Production: Rajamouli Shares An Exciting Update About RRR 2

RRR” was a massive Blockbuster movie of the year 2022, starring Jr NTR and Ramcharan. RRR directed by S.S. Rajamouli has achieved great success. RRR has recently been shortlisted for the OSCARS 2023. RRR has finally made it to the Oscars due to the song “Natu Natu“. It has been shortlisted for 95th Academy Awards 2023.

Recently the director of the movie S.S. Rajamouli has confirmed that the sequel movie to his blockbuster of this year “RRR” is confirmed. Now the writer of the movie KV Vijayendra Prasad ( who is also the father of SS Rajamouli ) said that the story/script for the sequel has been finalized. Which is an exciting update for all the fans out there.

KV Vijayendra Prasad recently told Pinkvilla ( Bollywood News Website ) that he has finally cracked the story for the sequel. They also stated that “Though JR. NTR and Ramcharan are going to be seen as Bheem and Sitaram Raju, but the sequel is just going to be a spiritual successor of the movie and not the actual continuation of the movie RRR. They also mentioned that the actual plot and characters of the movie will only be revealed by them after the final draft of the movie is made.

RRR Sequel Under Production: Rajamouli Shares An Exciting Update About RRR 2
RRR Sequel Under Production: Rajamouli Shares An Exciting Update About RRR 2

In a recent event in Chicago, Director Rajamouli revealed that his father who is the writer of the movie has finished writing the first draft of the story and they’re “Seriously pursuing the idea of RRR 2” He also revealed that there were no plans of the making of the sequel to “RRR” but after seeing the extreme love of people towards the movie from around the globe, the team has finally decided to make a sequel and the making of the movie has started.

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The director told Variety ( American Media Company ) that “his father has finished writing the first draft of the story. Prasad is currently expanding the idea and seriously working on the final script of the movie, and once he finishes the script, they’ll start to think about how to make the movie and how to bring it to the screens.

Recently RRR received two nominations at Golden Globe Awards for Best Picture in the Non-English category and is also nominated for Oscars for their song “Natu Natu”.

Talking to the press, Rajamouli told media that after the initial success of the movie the plans for a sequel were discussed among the team, but it was canceled because no great idea came forward. But after seeing the massive success of the movie around the globe, Rajamouli’s Cousin, M.M. Keeravani came up with an idea that the director Rajamouli found worth seeking.

FAQs About RRR Movie

  1. Is RRR based on a true story?

    No, the story of the RRR movie is not based on a true story.

  2. Is RRR 2 confirmed?

    Yes, The story of the movie is finalized by the writer KV Vijayendra Prasad, and S.S. Rajamouli has also confirmed that the movie's production will start when the script is fully completed.

  3. Who is S.S. Rajamouli's father?

    KV Vijayendra Prasad, is the father of the movie director S.S. Rajamouli. Prasad is also the writer of the script of the biggest movie of this year “RRR”.

  4. Upcoming Movies Of S.S. Rajamouli?

    Bahubali 3, Mahabharat, and Currently untitled movies with Allu Arjun & Mahesh Babu.

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