Christy Movie Review, Cast, Crew, Soundtrack | Is Christy Movie Worth Watching?

Christy Movie Review, Cast, Crew, Soundtrack | Is Christy Movie Worth Watching?

Christy Movie Review

The Malayalam film Christy, directed by Alvin Henry and based on a true story, tells the tale of a young boy named Roy, played by Mathew Thomas, who falls in love with his tuition teacher, Christy, portrayed by Malavika Mohanan. Although the film is well-made with faultless acting, beautiful cinematography by Anend C Chandran, and good music by Govind Vasantha, there are several problematic aspects to the story and direction.

In today’s society, where the lengths that boys go to for unrequited love have had shockingly fatal consequences, the message conveyed by the film is questionable, and perhaps not even acceptable.\

Even if we accept that a lot of people do wild things for love in their youth, in hindsight, they are considered foolish, and it is debatable whether such behavior should be the empathetic core of a movie.

The title of the movie hardly justifies its content, as the story is mainly told from Roy’s point of view, rather than Christy’s. In fact, Christy seems to have a tragic heroine quality, which could have been used to enhance the story, but it falls short of emotional depth. There are no meaningful or touching conversations between Roy and Christy that make us root for them.

Furthermore, the film’s finale feels too long-drawn-out, out and the overall pacing could have been improved. While Mathew Thomas portrays Roy convincingly, his character’s immature attempts at romance could have been better addressed, especially considering the problematic implications of such behavior.

In conclusion, while Christy is not a badly made film, it has several shortcomings that cannot be ignored. As respected literary figures, filmmakers have a responsibility to depict characters with some concern for current circumstances, and in today’s society, a film that romanticizes unrequited love may not be the most appropriate.

Christy Movie Cast

The movie Christy boasts an impressive cast of talented actors, who bring their characters to life on screen. Mathew Thomas portrays the young and lovestruck Roy, while Malavika Mohanan plays the object of his affection, Christy.

Joy Mathew delivers a strong performance as Joseph, Christy’s father, and Neena Kurup shine as her mother. Muthumani brings depth to the character of Dr. Malini, while Manju Sunichan delivers a notable performance as well.

Veena Nair takes on the role of Soosi, and Rajesh Madhavan brings a sense of authority to his portrayal of Father Shelly. Savithri Sreedharan delivers a heartwarming performance as Christy’s grandmother, and Alister Alex plays Peter.

Other notable cast members include Arjun Aryan as Jenson, Akhil Ashok as Econiyas, Rahul Reghu as Kiran, and Sajai Sebastian as Jhoni. Benyamin appears in the film as Thomas, while Vineeth Vishwam brings life to Joji, and Urmila Krishnan plays Hudha.

Aravind Deepu takes on the role of Shameer, while Akhil Kavalayoor plays Driver Surannan. RJ Murugan features in the movie as Garudan Sir, Vincent Vadakkan plays Abdul Rasheed, and Cylex Abhram brings Shamnad to life. Finally, Sibi K Thomas appears as an Auto driver in the film. The ensemble cast of Christy delivers powerful performances that make the movie a must-watch for cinema lovers.

Christy Movie Crew

Christy movie boasts a talented crew of individuals, with Alvin Hentry serving as the director and also the writer of the story. The screenplay is co-written by Benyamin and G. R. Indugopan.

The film is produced by Sajai Sebastian and Kannan Satheeshan, with Mathew Thomas and Malavika Mohanan portraying the lead roles. The cinematography is handled by Anend C. Chandran, while Manu Antony edited the film to create a cohesive story.

The music of the movie is composed by Govind Vasantha, known for his work in Tamil cinema. Christy is produced under the banner of Rocky Mountain Cinemas and is set to be a romantic drama that delves into the complex relationship between a teenage boy and an older woman.

With such a talented crew and cast, the movie has generated a lot of buzz and anticipation among audiences, who are eagerly waiting to see the film unfold on the big screen.

Christy Movie Soundtrack

Christy movie features a captivating soundtrack composed by Govind Vasantha. The film includes a total of four songs, each of which brings out an emotional touch to the story.

The first song, “Paal Manam,” is sung by Kapil Kabilan and Keerthana Vaidyanathan, with lyrics penned by Vinayak Sasikumar.

The second song, “Poovar,” is composed and sung by Govind Vasantha himself, with lyrics by Vinayak Sasikumar.

The third song, “Oro Shwasavum,” is composed by Govind Vasantha, with lyrics penned by Anwar Ali.

The final song of the movie is named “Mounangal,” sung by Vijay Yesudas, with lyrics written by Vinayak Sasikumar.

In addition to these songs, Govind Vasantha has also created very melodious background scores for the movie. With such a talented music director and lyricist, the soundtrack of Christy is expected to be a treat for music lovers.

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